Aamoke was established in May 2012 by upcoming designer, Rinsola Oyawoye.  Starting off with fashion shows in Quebec and Ontario, Aamoke draws inspiration from basic couture and aims at creating a new afro-urban style of fashion, by infusing and recreating everyday wear with african prints, as well as explicating the beauty in simplicity. Rinsola currently resides in Sherbrooke, Quebec, studying an Honours in Economics at Bishop's University. 

From an early age, Rinsola has always been passionate about Fashion Design. Born in Vancouver, B.C. and raised in Kaduna, Nigeria, she has been fortunate enough to have been exposed to various aspects of life, music, art and culture. After getting her first sewing machine, she taught herself how to sew and read patterns and recreate basic pieces from scratch. From a lot of discussions with family and friends, she decided to follow through with her passion and is constantly trying to reinvent her ideas.